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I won't say I don't experience NRE, but my version of it doesn't sound like what other people go through. When I first started reading about poly, I pooh-poohed the idea of NRE and thought it was stupid to rename that "honeymoon" phase every relationship goes through, but then I realized it is specific to poly because you go through it while still having other relationships. Maybe it's that I am a double Taurus (both sun and moon), but I think I do stay pretty grounded. How it manifests for me is that I tend to go off into fantasies and can get pretty indecisive, but I'm not giddy like a teenager. I just feel like I'm surrounded by a delicious euphoria that envelops me, but it's also hard to see someone's faults during this time. But, for me, I don't feel like NRE is something that hard to manage. I like feeling the sparkly beginnings and often find myself wishing things would stay that way. I don't always like it when reality hits, but I deal with it. I guess I tend to approach everything pretty straightforward, I dunno.
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