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All week I'd been unreasonably happy, giddy at times -- jogging or sauntering around when I could've just be walking. Listening to the same sexy love songs over and over.

Rather than obsess about Saturday, I worked on my fanfic. Which, in a way, was the same thing since it centers on a threesome encounter. I actually stayed up nearly all night twice that week just writing. Obsessive, but it felt good. I love to write and I rarely do fiction because it usually just doesn't come out feeling right to me. Fanfic about sex is hardly high art, but it *did* feel right. The characters' voices and actions all flowed in ways that I could look back on after and say "Yeah, that really fits." And I turned myself on sooo much while writing it, which seemed like a good sign, since ultimately the point of it is to be hot. I have a few friends reviewing it now, I'll probably have the final draft ready to share in another week or so.

Anyway, to get to Saturday. It was an absolutely beautiful day, more temperate than it had been. I got up late, put the finishing touches on my story and sent it to my volunteer reviewers. Then I made a bok choy stir fry for my friends' wedding -- rather than have it catered they were doing it as a potluck -- and had a couple of screwdrivers (I don't usually drink in the morning, but to be fair it was afternoon by that point). I walked over to the wedding, which was taking place in a garden in my neighborhood. The ceremony was perfect, the bride and groom so movingly in love. I hung out for a couple of hours afterwards talking with people and listening to folk bands.

In the early evening I went home, cleaned up the house, and had a shower. Around 10pm I finally felt satisfied with the state of things, and I dressed up and went to the club. My roommates were already there, they sometimes go. Gia and Eric arrived shortly after I did.

I danced my fucking heart out, poured all the nervous energy and sexual desire I'd been carrying around into it. Gia and I danced together a few times, made out on the dance floor. At one point she called out "Wench!" at me from the sidelines, which is something she'd called me way back when we were camping together the year before last, right before she got pregnant, when we first starting talking about D/s, before things got, er interrupted. I came over immediately and asked what she wanted. "Kisses!" I gave them to her.

I also had some sexy moments dancing with one of my roommates, Eddie -- the one who Davis had said it was cool if I make out with, yum -- and with another male friend who was there (the latter guy and I didn't kiss or anything, but the dancing was charged). I wondered if Gia and/or Eric noticed, and if so if they were turned on or jealous or cared at all. They had their own flirtations with others throughout the night. I felt brief mental twitches of jealousy over these, but was able to quickly quell them by reminding myself how silly and unfair that was. I wonder in retrospect all the more -- was I being obnoxious by flirting with other people? Did they care? Maybe I'll ask Gia when I see her tomorrow.

As the night went on, I began to get concerned about the time. Gia and Eric almost never stay up very late these days, and I was worried that they'd run out of steam. I was beginning to feel worn out myself (as I mentioned I'd been missing some sleep that week). I told them I was ready to go whenever, but they were still having fun and wanted to stay. Around 1:30am I decided to go home and have a bite to eat and some coffee. They told me they'd meet me soon.

Driving home, I was so miffed. A year and a fucking half since we'd last done this, and it wasn't important enough to them to prioritize? I reminded myself that they don't get out to socialize too often. That these once a month club nights are a reminder to them that they can still have fun, make new friends, and express sexuality freely. That they're adults, not just parents. I told myself I was just projecting about being tired. None of these rationalizations kept me from feeling annoyed and anxious. Not the best way to start an intimate encounter! Eating helped.

They showed up at 2:15am. We didn't waste much time before going up to the bedroom. And here's where I'd love to give you a play by play breakdown of events but I kind of feel like I shouldn't, unfortunately -- if nothing else because Eric is a pretty private person and who knows, he might end up reading this someday. I know that seems hypocritical since I described some very explicit things involving him a couple of weeks ago, but, well, somehow this feels different. Maybe because it just happened, whereas those were older recollections?

Suffice to say, when the three of us first got into bed together it was a little awkward, like none of us knew where to start. At one point I actually said, laughing, "How do threesomes happen??" Eric took the lead in a highly sexual way and that sort of jump-started everything and after that it began to feel natural pretty quickly. There were positions. Lots of positions. And some hair pulling. A lot of kissing. And laughing. Orgasms all around. Sorry if that's not too satisfying.

One thing that made me especially happy was that Gia and Eric had what looked like some very hot and satisfying sex between the two of them in the midst of it all. I know they'd been having some problems with that, and I was pleased to think this might have gotten them back on track. And personally, in terms of the things that were done to me, that I got to do, that I got to feel... well, I can't say I couldn't possibly have enjoyed it more, cuz I still want them to top/dom the shit out of me and there was only a tiny little bit of that, but on the whole I left very, very satisfied.

I felt such a sense of well-being as I saw them out. I was wrapped up in a silk robe that Harry had given me back when he was moving. I felt like something had fallen back into place. It wasn't some intense emotional experience, no crazy revelations, it was just good and right and totally hot. Just us being how I always think of us being with each other, and how we hadn't been for so long. Intimate, sexy, honest, silly, warm, happy.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.

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