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I would love to take part in a cuddle party, but only with my close friends. People don't always want to hug and cuddle, and I personally love it. When I moved back to France from the US, I hugged all the friends who ate out with me that evening, and since they were in a circle around me, I just kept going and hugged them a second time. Then it turned out everybody was going the same way, so I hugged them a third time when we went our separate ways.
I would have hugged them even more if I had found excuses too, and I would be hugging them that much every time I saw them if it was socially acceptable. I wish I could just ask for a cuddle party among us without everyone thinking I'm creepy or hitting on them.

This being said, I wouldn't mind hugging strangers, but I think I'd rather do it one at a time, it would be overwhelming to be touched from everywhere by people I don't know.
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