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Question Cuddle Parties?

OK, more opinions from your truly, but I really would like to know if I am alone in how I feel about the Cuddle Parties that seem to be a semi-regular feature at Poly Conferences, etc.

They make it very obvious that these are there as a non-sexual cuddling and otherwise touching party. They are presented (to my observations) as a perfectly natural and normal part of what it is to be poly and go to conferences.

The idea of that level of intimacy with complete strangers seems utterly mind-boggling to me. I mean, I am a "huggy" person by nature, but only hug people that I know, trust not to take things the wrong way, and like. I wouldn't dream of getting into pyjamas and cuddling with someone I had just met.

I can imagine that for those who have had issues with intimacy, such a therapy could be quite useful, but based on poly folk I have met, this is a small portion of the poly population.

What do others feel about these types of events?

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