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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Worse, the "serial monogamy argument" is just switching the shoe to the other foot, so that now polyamorists are looking down on monogamy.
I don't agree that making the "serial monogamy argument", as you call it, means the poly person is necessarily looking down on monogamy.

If, when I tell her in a couple years, my mom has a negative reaction to me being poly, one of the things that I plan on pointing out to her is the hypocrisy of being okay with my dad being married, divorced, and married again (to her), my sister being married, divorced, and now having a serious boyfriend, my aunt (her sister) being married, divorced, and married again, etc. but thinking that my lifestyle is somehow wrong or damaging. My husband and I are staying married, NOT getting divorced and putting our kids through the trauma of their family splitting up, but I also have another serious relationship that my husband is aware of and okay with.

My point to her will not be that poly is somehow better, because it's not. The point will be that monogamy is fine for some people (including, for now, my husband) and poly is fine for others, and that at the fundamental level they aren't THAT different. Having one partner at a time versus having multiple partners at a time should only matter to the people involved in the relationship, not those looking on from the outside.
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