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Question Can mono/poly relationships work.

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'm sure it is buried within the forum somewhere.

My situation is many layered I'm sure as many other people's. We decided to open our relationship about three years ago at the same time we became very active in the BDSM lifestyle. Shortly after I found a girl that I found interesting and we started talking. We then found a local Poly munch and we met her at that point. Well almost as soon as she met my partner she stopped talking to me and they hid from me that they were falling for eachother.

I have had to work through abandonment issues because of that. Which is still a struggle. I have tried dating other people in the meantime, but have problems emotionally dealing with splitting my attention. Also I have been going back and forth between being a slave and a submissive which also split my attention. I recently have been diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder which I have been dealing with most of my life. I am on medication and that helps most of the time. During this process have deemed myself a switch and mono. Which has become a problem within my primary relationship.

I know a lot of these issues are my own and I am working on it, but I have no support from family, no friends, and my partner just takes everything I have to say about my feelings as either my disorder talking or an attack on him. We have no intimacy and not even sure a relationship at this point. As far as the intimacy I have a hard time accepting the fact that he does the same things to me that he does to her. Not always in a sexual aspect. During all of this we have moved twice and had other vanilla issues that had to be dealt with.

Has anyone had similar issues or any advice on how to deal with all of this. I just feel alone and unsure what to do.
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