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I'm definitely in the "I hate NRE" camp.

I was talking about this to a friend of mine the other day. We are both in this camp.

NRE makes me feel stupid and out of control. The heart-racing and butterflies when the phone rings - makes me feel on the edge of a panic attack. I can't concentrate on my hobbies or reading - things that help keep me centered and help deal with the stress at work etc. Other things that are actually important to me get neglected. I lose sleep and physically feel like shit - like I'm perpetually hungover. Can't WAIT for it to be over.

Now, part of this may be lack of practice...I don't tend to "fall for" people easily, and spend a lot of time in denial when I do - so there is that tension added as well. Granted also, that the two times I have experienced "full blown" NRE have ended well - I have MrS and Dude to show for it - so I guess the ordeal was worth it in the end I think that the fact that in each case I ended up practically living with my partners right away, for me, helps the NRE fade that much quicker - which is why I don't think that is always a bad idea for everyone. Nothing rubs the "new and shiny" off as quickly as shared bathrooms and dirty socks .

Each time it was such a relief to me when the NRE wore off and we could get to the "real meat" of the relationship and see if it was actually going to work. It's not until the stupid hormonal phase is over that I can let my guard down and really open myself up to loving someone - because only then do I feel like I am seeing them for who they really are.

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