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Default Lesbian with asexual partner Interested in poly

This is my first time venturing into an online community. *I have read a few threads prior to joining and I am impressed by the openness, warmth and respect shared.*

*Not used to posting but I have been taught good manners *- so hi from me and a little intro ;

I am a lesbian & in a 12 year relationships with woman who to this day totally impresses and amuses me. I feel we have had a charmed life together so far. We have built a lovely home, supported each other through some external challenges/family dramas, *had *some fancy trips overseas and some equally stunning simple camping adventures in nature, have a good circle of genuine friends who have been there for us, and we have started a family together. We have 2 infant children and a cat. We value similar things in life and she knows me probably more than anyone, including myself sometimes.*

Sex faded from our relationship early on and it has taken me *years to accept that it might not change. *Loosing this connection has felt like some type of separation from her and I still grieve it. *After much reading and talking we both think she may be asexual. But we don't care for labels really. Anyway i have come to accept that sex does not rate for her.

Last year we both read a few good books, the ethical slut and opening up and agreed to an open relationship. I had a lover for a few months whom I developed a warm connection with and had some yummy sex. I also learnt that I could not separate sex from feelings and wanted to have something more poly.*

So here we are learning more about poly, trying to expand our experience and nurture our relationship at the same time.*

Not sure if others have come to this pace from the same origin ( ie an asexual partner ). Sometimes we wonder if we would go there if it were not for that reason. We are both open minded *and willing to try. It has been encouraging to read stories here where it has been positive for others. It is so hard to imagine a poly lifestyle without having any models around us.*

Oh did I mention we live in Sydney, Australia.*So here I am hoping to learn some more, find some support, maybe validation at finding some shared experience,

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