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Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
^^ That makes more sense to me!! LOL

And why wouldn't a bisexual man be just as in demand for a couple seeking a triad??

Personally... I think it might be just a tad unbalanced for men to called themselves poly but only be open to women. Poly is about LOVE, right? Not just wanted sexual entanglement. Love doesn't walk up to you and say 'drop your draws so I can check your genitals' before it strikes.
Why would it be unbalanced only for men? There are a number of women on this forum who are involved with two or more men and the men don't have sexual relationships with each other.

Poly and sexual orientation are not synonymous. Not all poly people have to be bisexual, and not all bisexual people have to be poly. Single people can be gay, straight, or bi. Single people can be mono or poly.

It isn't really about "let me check your genitals before I fall in love with you". It's more like, "I am not sexually attracted to you if we have the same/different genitals". We don't need to discuss "what about pre-op transexuals" "what if this, what about that" contingencies. Besides, one usually has a pretty good idea what the other's genitals are before you fall in love with someone. I don't walk around checking out people's genitals and then say to myself "ok now I guess I can fall in love with you". Although I am bi, that's not really the point. The point is that I don't fall in love with everyone I meet, and I can usually tell if someone is male or female without examining their genitals. I realize that most people are on a continuum, but some people are straight, some are gay, and you can be poly and still only have sex with people of one gender or the other.
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