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Default Personal Summary by Polylinguist

I am Polylinguist. I am new to polyamory and even newer to this board.

My main problem is that I do not have problems. Not really. I am 61, retired now for over a year. I am happily married, our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up. My wife has absolutely no problem with my newly-found (or professed) interest in polyamory and has even offered to help me look for a girlfriend. We have two boys, both in their twenties, with whom I get on extremely well. They would probably be embarrassed if I actually found a poly partner and told them about it, but then I am not there yet.

I retired last year from a job in Europe. After retirement, I and my wife decided to move to Vancouver BC, where I did my grad studies many years ago. Both our sons moved to BC when they turned 18, so that the family is back together again. I have several old friends here from my student days, and we are making new friends as we move along.

But polyamory, for now, is a theoretical interest. In a way, this is fine - I am a theoretical kind of person. But still, it would be nice if I could acquire some practical experience in the matter. I attend poly events here in Vancouver, now that I know how and where to find them, but I haven't met anyone there yet. I am on OKCupid, through which I have had a few nibbles, but only one concrete date, and that did not lead anywhere either (except that I learned about the poly scene through it, so that it was not a complete waste).

So there you have it. Aside from constantly enlarging my social circles, which I am doing, I am not sure how to advance towards a poly experience. My dating skills are a bit dusty, and I sure can't appeal to women's sympathy by complaining about how my wife does not understand me.

What next?
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