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Yesterday I went with Redpepper, her husband and their son to a local island to look at some property for them. Her husband grew up on the island and he enjoyed showing me his old neighbourhood. I met his father and step mother as well although I am considered a friend with both their parents.

Throughout the day we rotated the car seating so each of us got to talk with each other as well as spend time with their son. On the ferry ride, Redpepper sat between us at one point and had her arm around both of us. I didn't even look for people's response..simply because I don't care. As long as her husband is comfortable and it is not so obvious to confuse her son I am fine with it.

At one point we were having a picnic styled lunch and it really struck me how natural and wonderful all of us together feels. Her husband is someone I could have a deep friendship with in any case. Getting to know him is just another gift Redpepper and polyamory has given me. Her son wanted me to spend the night again LOL so I am feeling very good about my presence in regards to his well being. Redpepper's family is starting to ask more questions about me which is humorous and kind of nerve wracking!

Feeling how good this is did stir up some fears of me screwing it up due to my mono nature but discussing things with Redpepper once again made me feel comfortable and safe.
I am on an amazing and fulfilling journey..we all are..I feel blessed in so many ways!!
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