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Much has happened since my last post. Most of it has been very, very good.

A few weeks after I posted, G . . . wait, I need a better nickname for her. For complicated reasons that must remain obscure, I'll call her Nyx.

Anyway, a few weeks after I posted, Nyx had a talk with her OSO, and made the momentous decision to open her bedroom door to me.

We had joked that, once the door was open, wild horses could not keep us from her bed.

And so it was: we have become enthusiastic lovers. We spend the night together, at her apartment, once a week.

The mode of our intimacy is gentleness and generosity and the intoxication of touch . . . which is something of a departure for both of us, though in different directions.

Nyx has generally been in relationships that involve some degree of kink; in particular, she enjoys receiving pain. In fact, much of her current social circle is centered on kink, a group that often attends Frolicon together. Her relationship with me has met with the bemusement, not to say the consternation, of some of her friends: "You mean he's vanilla?!"

For my part, I've long been extremely, painfully ticklish, which has led Vix and me to put less emphasis on touch in our relationship. This has been hard on Vix, who very much likes to touch and be touched. Somehow, through my relationship with Nyx, my ticklishness has all but vanished, replaced by a trembling pleasure when I'm touched.

And so Vix has benefited directly from my relationship with Nyx!

Nyx and I also spend a lot of time in quiet talk, learning one another's stories, finding our common interests and values, and finding also our interesting points of divergence. I've learned quite a lot about kink, for example . . . though I still have not one shred of inclination toward it!

The sum of all this is that Nyx and I love one another, and have said so.

All of these developments have been a delight to Vix, who has been having further adventures of her own . . . about which more in later posts.
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