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Default Poly Family in the Making


My name is Mell and I'm new to the forums. I'm currently in an open vee. Basically I've been married to my husband for a year and a half but we've been together for almost 5 years. We talked about non-monogamy from the start but didn't open up our relationship 'til a couple of years in.

It started out just sexually open but I eventually realized so much more was missing from those encounters and that we more than capable of loving more than one person. I've had a handful of meaningful, emotional relationships since then but none that really stuck until now.

I met my current boyfriend online but it turned out he already knew my husband through a good mutual friend of ours. Things have just fallen together perfectly since then. He had some experience with a polyamorous relationship previously. We've only been together a couple of months but are already discussing moving in together and the possibility of kids down the line (none of us have children yet).

Currently I'm not interested in dating anyone else (I have a couple of good friends/play partners I see very occasionally) or adding on any relationships. My boyfriend is only interested in an emotional relationship with me, but will consider other play partners in the future and my husband has recently started dating, though nothing serious.

There isn't really a big poly community in our area. As things are becoming more serious and my boyfriend is becoming a bigger part of both of our lives we're peeking out of the poly closet more and more. I know if everything continues down the path we're headed then the three of us will be starting a family together in a year or two. By then our families and friends had better know or they'll figure it out anyway.
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