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It was a weekend of processing, processing, processing... four days to catch up on three months. We are learning lots, but Mono and I and are going to be okay. Things are not changed as much as I first thought, although my trust has been thrown to the wall.

Now I am working on her appearing in his life in different ways that I didn't realize before. The texting has died down but that is my hurdle right now. In this moment, There is one every moment though.

Oh ya, and I am dealing with people telling me I'm hypocritical and that I have lots of loves, so I should just suck it up. Thing is though that I was promised his monogamy to me from day one and he cheated on me for three months. Soft cheated, but cheated none-the-less. He kept it from me, thought he could deal with it himself, thought he would get over her or it would just be hidden and I wouldn't notice. Thing is I did and asked about it over and over... and he said nothing.
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