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This was good to find.

My gf just asked this evening what, how, and when we're going to tell the children. Our kids are 20,12,10, and 9. Bear and I have three boys, Lovely a girl.

The 20 year old has lived with me his entire life, nothing I do really surprises him. He's kind of used to mom being "weird".

The next two are Bear's. The 12 year old lives with us, and there have been conversations about polygamy around the dinner table. He thought the idea of one man having more than one wife to be an odd notion, but figured that if it was in the Bible, it must be ok LOL (And yes, the conversation was about polygamy and not polyamory, but the conversations we've had can be adapted to polyamory.)

The 10 year old doesn't live here. Hell, we haven't even seen him in 6 weeks. But THAT is another story.

Lovely asked her 9 year old what she'd think about her (Lovely) dating two people, a man and a woman, at the same time. Lulu (not her real name LOL) thought that was an odd notion. Lovely asked her, "What if they treated you with love, respect and kindness?" She said that would be ok.

Soooo, basically the big deal is the 12 year old. I'm not really sure how he's going to handle this.

And, Bear doesn't think we should tell the kids anything at all right now. He says that we should, "wait and see how things turn out." I can understand that, but at the same time I think it's going to become obvious (even to Captain Oblivious) that SOMETHING is going on between Daddy, Me, and the new friend...

I'm more about being proactive instead of waiting until AFTER the horses are running across the pasture to close the barn door. Kwim? Thoughts?
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