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So unfortunately we are right back at square one again......

After days of constant discussion on this and reading and such we reached an agreement that he said he was happy with. We still had details to iron out of course but he seemed optimistic about it all and seemed to really get what i was trying to say. He even decided to write her and apology letter stating that his previous behavior was really rude and that he had thought through it all and was OK with us seeing each other.

Skip to yesterday and he just comes out and says that he wants to separate. In NC you have to be separated for a year before you can divorce. He said he is still trying this but wants to prepare in case we decide not to be together anymore. I told him that leaving the marriage was never an option for me and that is why I was open and honest about it all. I asked what about all the stuff you said about agreeing and being OK with all this and he says he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. So thats what I get for my honesty huh? Just tell me what I want to hear and then plan to divorce me behind my back.

I dont have a clue where to go from here. He says that he is going to get an apartment and "date" other people too while we are separated even though he claims that now he can accept nothing but strict monogamy in our marriage. My whole thing was that I was willing to allow him to see others too without breaking our marriage so why now is he doing this??
I dont know...... this has been just a really bad roller coaster ride so far. Ugh
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