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The TEA is fromcognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is Thoughts, Errors, Analysis.

I just got dumped. She says she doesn't love me the way I love her and she feels guilty encouraging me. My obsession finally destroyed the thing I was obsessing about. M is still my friend but I am devastated at the moment, and have 3 exams on next week. She will still be friends but she is not attracted to me anymore. Why?

I think I ruined it, I said I accepted her polyamory, then I took the acceptance back, got obsessed again, and started making all sorts of accusations and demanding answers to things that are really none of my business.

So the thing you got to ask yourself - Can I live with this? If you believe you can that's all good, and saying so is an act of love and kindness, but if you go back on your word and get all emotional instead of having rational conversations about boundaries etc, you may be permanently out of grace.

I got to pick up the pieces here, I got far too much on for a crisis, but crisis it is. I neeed to stay out of my obsession and concentrate on study. DAMMIT!

I suck at love.
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