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Default New to poly, in beautiful Vancouver BC

Hello, everyone.

I decided to declare myself poly about two months ago. After long discussions with my SO (my wife, that is), who is not only a good sport about it, but has even offered to help me find a girlfriend.

It's not about my marriage, which is pretty good. It's about finding other relationships and enlarging my sexual horizons.

Here is the rub: what next? In my premarital life, I was never that successful at dating, and I don't see how I can do better now, considering that I am quite a bit older and, obviously, the one thing I cannot offer is an exclusive relationship. Which is what most people want.

I have gone to a number of poly events in my city, and - as at most social events in my life - all the women I find attractive there are in relationships / uninterested / uninterested in me. I am also on OKCupid, which has not even produced me a date so far, just some (rather inane) e-conversations. What do I do, try to pick up girls in bars with "Hey, you have beautiful eyes, and, by the way, I am poly"?

Frustrated in BC.

(Not that frustrated, by the way - I do have a life. But still, it would be nice to see some hope.)
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