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I didn't want to start a new thread about NRE and this one seemed fitting since it's listed in the Master thread.

I wanted to share some comments Seamus made about NRE that I found interesting because I hadn't considered them before. I'd love to hear other people's opinions.

He started seeing this new woman recently, and is experiencing some NRE. The subject was brought up and he commented that he "hated" NRE because it was "fake".
He clarified what he meant: while en enjoys the drugged feelings, being high, and so on, he is frustrated by the fact that he knows it's a chemical trick, that it affects its judgment, he feels manipulated by it. Plus, he much prefers established relationships and the feelings that go with them, and so he sees NRE as something necessary to "go through", but he wishes we hadn't evolved to require it as a species.

I found that interesting because so many people get addicted to NRE, to the point that when it fades off a lot of relationships end, people get disappointed, etc. But he's the other way around, he waits for it to end so he can move on to the "real" relationship, the one where he's not blind to the other's flaws, the one when he's not likely to make bad decisions based on the rush of good feelings, the one when he can think clearly, and feel connections and caring and love rather than NRE.

He says that under NRE he's just aware enough to realise it's affecting his judgment, but not enough to prevent it from doing that. Similar to being drunk I guess.

Does anyone have similar feelings about it? I know personally I really enjoy it, although sometimes I feel silly and immature and get embarrassed about it. But mostly, I just enjoy the rush, and while sometimes I wish I didn't get crushes on some people, for instance, I don't think I would want NRE to just stop existing.
This being said, I do like and want established relationships. But I do want to go through the NRE stage before that.
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