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I was mainly talking about things that I fantasize about in my own head. I don't use these fantasies as "sex talk" between me and my partners during sexy times as if I needed/wanted them to actually happen (although in some cases I wouldn't be adverse to the idea). Mainly as masturbatory materials.

I have a rich and diverse fantasy life. Just because I fantasize about something doesn't mean that I expect (or want) to realize that fantasy in real life. (For instance, I occasionally fantasize about the two of them being together - something I would not be comfortable seeing in real life and something that neither of them would want - seeing as they are both straight.) I didn't take the OP's question as limiting the conversation to fantasies that we would share with our partner's as an actual desire to realize in the flesh.

My boys don't share their specific fantasies with me either. I just have noticed that their ears perk up when the conversations turn to certain topics and observed their reactions in specific situations. I would be really turned off if one of them brought up a fantasy scenario involving someone else while we were actually engaged in sex-play - as if our current activities were somehow "not good enough."

"Dirty talk" for me is a separate topic. Dude has a tendency toward it - I am either ambivalent or turned off. My verbalization during sex tends to be more of the "yes" "more" "there" "stop" variety.

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