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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Dreams do sometimes come true! I'm happy for all of you...

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
But don't expect that everything's going to be 100% easy and painless from now on. ALL relationships need working on. Best of luck!
Oh, there is plenty of unease...

For one, as much as I'd like our girl to move in with us, this isn't practical for the foreseeable future. This means we spend more time apart than we'd like to.

To continue, there are social and familiar considerations. Our respective families don't know about our relationship. Her family is pretty vanilla-conservative, as far as I know them. Don't know how they'd take it. My stepdad is the same way. My mom would likely accept the situation as it is, but I'm sure she'd struggle some. My wife's mom... I can't even venture to guess. She sometimes has really unexpected reactions to things. One way or another, they are folks past middle age who have been brought up in times and places when polyamory wasn't a word on anyone's radar.

Then there are friends. Some would understand, some wouldn't.

And, of course, there is the normal relationship stuff.

Originally Posted by fuchka View Post
Bon voyage... or should I say bon appetit?
Thanks! Yes, the girls are quite tasty.

Originally Posted by fuchka View Post
Ah, there should be an apt Italian phrase for the start of poly triads
Eh, sorry. My Italian is limited to what I saw in the Godfather movies...
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