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OK, one of the things I love about this man is how chill and calm he is. I'd been feeling disappointed about our shortened last visit and we talked about it in chat. Even before his back gave out, he was seeming kind of shy, and he explained that while he wanted me to come see his studio, he was feeling it wasn't quite perfect enough to show off to a guest, at the same time.

And he felt that was kind of stupid and perfectionistic of himself, but there you are. I love how self aware he is!

Came back to miss pixi's last night after a couple days of work and volunteering at home. We had a great night, cuddles, conversation, good food, a 1973 David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust concert on VH1, and then... great kinky play and SEX. Yay! Going out thrifting shortly today.

Also last night, miss p told me she has more compersion for me and Ginger than she's had with any guy I've dated in the past. I think it helps she and he are becoming good friends. She said every time I tell her Ginger and I flirt, or meet and have good times and great sex, she feels all warm and fuzzy inside. I've rarely seen her jealous of anyone, but this is a whole new level of "family" feeling.
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