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My time with swinging was short lived fortunately for me. I learned pretty quick that while I got to be with a woman they were more interested in showing the men that they could be bi too, it seemed. I was into it because I love women's bodies and they just seemed to whince when they had to do anything sexual with women. Way to hetrocentric for me I'm afraid.

I also was disturbed by the fact that the swinging party we went to was full of very drunk women being mauled by men who took advantage of their drunkness. I saw some double dipping going on and women who seemed unable to get out of the situations they were in due to being drunk.

I have no idea if this is the norm but it was VERY distrubing and distructive to my sense sexual self and my/our body as being sacred. I would suggest that it was for others there too and I would also suggest that it quite often is for others that weren't there that have decided to be a part of that kind of activity.

Sure, to each there own, but since then and because of other "like" expereinces I have had before and since, I would suggest that many men and women have a chance at becoming damagaed by swinging. I certainly had my fair share of damage from it, but have moved passed it now only to be a strong advocate for NOT going there. There just seems to be better ways of going about opening up a marriage/partnership than swinging. To me that is.

It does hold value however in that it can break sex up for a couple and get them onto a new path sesxually, and it is fun to watch ones partner sometimes. I also find it interesting how friendships can blossom on a deeper level that are limited, but deeper non-the-less. I can see also how it could "proctect" family life in that it is not going to change everything as poly seems to do.
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