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He isn't ready for anyone to touch you in any way or in just a sexual way? I would find it rather difficult to have a close emotional bond with someone who I wasn't allowed to touch AT ALL.

To me, it sounds like he is afraid that anything physical (not online) will have a direct impact on your relationship. What would make him fear this? Is there anything you could do to help him realize what it is that makes him uncomfortable with it? I also find it odd that he is okay with you having dates but not okay with anything else happening.

As for when he would be ready.. I think it varies greatly by person. For some it takes only a short time to change from the mindset of monogamy/sexual fidelity/whatever to the mindset of accepting what fulfills their partner more fully. For other people it can take years, if they can ever come to terms with it.

I would give him time to process the next step while making sure he IS processing it and not ignoring it. Make sure he realizes that this is an important aspect of those loving relationships. And I'm sure reiterating how amazing you think it is that he has been and is being so supportive would be appreciated, too!
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