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It was an outright and immediate "no." It was a very civilized, loving discussion. We are a very solid couple and can chat about these things without hystrionics or anything else, but it was still a no. Quick summary of what the husband said:

- The LDR BDSM thing would be the easiest entry into the whole scene.
- The online stuff hasn't affected our relationship at all.
- He is happy for me that I know where I am and what I need and want.
- He is ok for me to have very close emotional, loving bonds with people.
- He is happy for me to have dates with people.
- He isn't ready for anybody else to touch me.

I don't know what to do with this? When would he be ready?

He is out today so I have a vague, very slim hope that he will change his mind but we chatted last night and this morning he was still very much "no".

Any suggestions?
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