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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
This really isn't sounding very healthy for you - a lot of the way you word things sound like you are sort of feeling like you have no choice and they are trying to make you do things that you aren't completely comfortable doing, in the interests of staying together - am I reading this wrongly, or are you sort of feeling this way?
I do feel like it was decided for me and as much as I love them all. I have my bf of nine years and our children and now it feels like they are trying to get in, they see my children as well and we have days out, I just want time just for us but my bf invites j and b to everything.

sometimes I want to hang out as friends but j and my bf make me feel uncomfortable by talking sexually or touching her or she touches him. I am so unhappy but I don't know how to get pass it, my bf says if we can make it work it can be amazing but I feel like with the lies and hurt they have caused they don't deserve to see each other
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