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Originally Posted by Questioning
Thoughts: M got drunk and fucked someone last night, therefore, what we have is broken.

This is just your paranoia making up worst case scenarios, right? Slaps hand - "Stop that!"

Oh yes, it's silly paranoia, and worth it (for me) to challenge the thoughts to show this is so. The whole underlying fear is that I won't handle it, therefore, not good enough, not loved bla bla bla. The broken record. For me to get off this cycle of thinking I have to actively stamp out thoughts others (emotionally healthier others?) can dismiss outright.

Thing is, TEA is making me accept even worse case scenarios are not armageddon (except perhaps armageddon ) which is making reality itself a wonderful comparison instead of the doom, no choices wank I ran over and over without TEA. I wasn't always like this, doesn't matter why I am really, just what I can do about it now. And though it's hard to start, and makes you a bit raw at first, TEA is for me very effective, and fast.

Please excuse if I sound defensive, not intented. I appreciate the feedback.
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