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Back again! Heh.

Recently, my boyfriend has started seeing someone else. I'm surprised at how hard I'm taking this; it's what I signed up for, yes? I'm fine with my husband spending time with his girlfriend. But this just feels...different, somehow. Boyfriend hasn't really been seeing anyone regularly in the time we've been together, and it just feels very sudden and a bit scary.

I also just felt that we had reached a place in our relationship where we love and trust each other very, very'd been sort of giddy and delightful, something I don't think we allowed ourselves to feel at the beginning of our relationship. And now it feels like he'll be having that NRE-type stuff with someone else instead.

We've talked a lot about this, and some of it has been difficult. He is very protective of his autonomy, and I don't want to infringe upon that but am having a hard time dealing with my fears of abandonment and unimportance. There were issues in our relationship, early on, that only exacerbated this (and occasionally still, though much less often.)

All last week, I was literally sick to my stomach with anxiety about all of this. We did spend some time together before he left on a trip, and that went a long way toward reassuring me, but I'm still feeling a bit lost and unsettled. And comparing myself to his new friend (STOP IT, I know!) Gah. I think time will probably be the best thing for it, but advice, etc., are welcome.
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