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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Reading in between the lines, RP, I am guessing Mono is withdrawing emotionally while giving you permission to date other men, just as he predicted he would years ago.
Worse, he feel in love with someone else when he needed support through Leo breaking up with me and turned to a friend. He didn't tell me until a few days ago when I dragged it out of him after months of disconnect, changes in his behaviour and lack of interest in being in my life.

He didn't tell her until after he told me, but she feels the same way. Its a bond that he can't deny. Even if he didn't cheat as badly as he did when he was with his wife (three year affair), it was emotional cheating that lead him to forget everything he knows about open honest communication, integrity and empathy... Everything I value and thought he did too. He choose to shut down rather than talk to me.
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