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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
This idea that you need to "get over it" is insulting to you and your feelings. They hurt you by lying to you, and they need to go a long way towards helping you mend it.

If they care so little about you that they are not willing to do this, then I think that you need to question whether this is really a good relationship for you.

thanks for replying it s so hard cos I love them all....
if I told my bf I want to stop, he won't be happy and may go behind my back, sometimes I know they have had sex and I don't want to see her or have joint sessions where I have to watch them have sex, the girl's bf feels the same and he feels my bf rubs it in that he is sleeping with her and he is better than her bf, me and her bf are so alike with how we feel about this but we don't want to lose each other if we say anything
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