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Cindie I feel so bad for you to be so broke!

My gf has not been able to find work for ages, mostly because her disability makes it impossible for her to work on the computer, the job she is trained for. She could deal when she was younger, but now that shes 34 the pain is quite bad. (She is trying to get SSI disability $, but is experiencing horrible sexual discrimination because of her transgender status, sigh...)

Anyway. She is considering escort work. She's done it in the past. There is no sex involved. Just dinner or lunch out with an older gentleman, whom she screens carefully. They just want to be seen with an attractive woman (you qualify!), and have a conversation.

miss pixi says she used to get $250 for having a free meal out, $450 if they wanted you to have a couple drinks with the meal... But again, its just a meal and conversation with a lonely guy, no touching at all.

Anyway, I know it can be shocking to think about being that desperate. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
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