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I'm not understanding your desire to be with this guy... He was married, started dating, dropped his wife (still friends, but not romantic, then? that's what I get from them being basically roommates). Then he and girlfriend start dating third, but he eventually drops girlfriend (once again, still friends, but not romantic). What's going to stop him from dating you a while, dropping third then starting to date someone new and dropping you?

He seems to have a cycle of only being romantic with one person at a time and the others just fade back into friendship. While I don't oppose this since it is all done openly and honestly, I encourage you to decide if that is really what you want to be a part of.

Also, reiterating what others have said... 'Fess up to your husband. Be honest with him and see if you can improve that relationship or if you're not in love anymore and don't feel like you can remain married, end it. Don't cheat. That won't help anything and could potentially hurt a lot of people.
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