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Originally Posted by PaperGrace View Post
I'm with AnnabelMore. I don't understand why you are in a forum created to support multiple loving relationships asking how to set up your relationship in a way that specificially excludes polyamory. I'm here to support love regardless of relationship structure, not to figure out ways to protect against it. You're clear that you are not okay with her being in love with any one else. Your girlfriend keeps saying it's just sex. It's generous of others to contribute, but I'm confused.
And I'm with both Papergrace and AnnabelMore. This isn't poly, it's forced acceptance of an open relationship. That is obviously not something that you want and your set of rules are the means to regain some control over this life you hoped for with her. Yet she's not being too receptive to your thoughts or feelings.

I'm also with FigNewtonian......

Originally Posted by FigNewtonian View Post

You deserve better. I'm sure you could find it. Run, dude, run.
Best of luck to you!
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