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Laughing Owl, thanks again (great name btw!)

Josie, I'd be really interested in your thoughts/feelings as that happened: how did it start; how were things between you; what helped you come to 'enjoy the merits of poly'? Are you still mono yourself? etc...

We're taking it very slow at the moment, exploring the idea with a therapist. Basically it's not something my gf wants but has suggested because of her v low sex drive (& my pretty high one) I'd be much easier if she wanted the same herself or at least enjoyed my desire. I have been kind of poly in the past and really liked it, but wasn't with a full-time 'primary' partner then, this feels much harder to negotiate.
Also I'm not sure quite what I want, definitely not a purely sexual fuckbuddy, that's probably the main thing right now but it has to feel like a meaningful connection as well. Another big element for me is just the idea of monogamy has always made me feel trapped, unfree, somehow less fully myself.
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