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Thanks Fidelia, that is just what Mono needs to hear right now and I am grateful that you appreciate him and his insight. We are all so far from perfect, but it is so important to spread love, patience and understanding to one another when we struggle (and always).

Hugs to you, I am not going anywhere as I still feel I have something to say.

I have a better understanding of the importance of leaving people alone when they are done with a topic and feel cornered. I have a better understanding when I take this space too seriously that I need to take a break and I have a better understanding of some of the people in my community that chose to be reclusive and stay off line and just live.... at some point I can see that we will all do that as a this forum and the whole on-line deal is not based on reality and everything just keeps coming around anyway. Mono feels he has given his two cents and I almost have now too I think. I know others that have left already feel that way and eventually it's best just to leave....
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