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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
I however became friends with P's other girls and sort of confided in them like you would a friend. I dont have any other friends that are girls. One must have said something to P because P asked me "have you been talking to C about me"? I said yes but didnt elaborate. P said C told him everything I said. What I said wasnt bad, I more so was asking C for advice. Still I felt betrayed by C for "reporting" to P. I felt really ganged up on.
You're not being immature or silly. C flat out showed a complete lack of trushworthiness. That's not unique to polyamory. People who feel the need to report every little thing that was said back to the focal point of any connection are either blabber mouths or trying to gain status with the focal point.

Watch out for that one... And certainly don't give any intimate details to them to further spread, because odds are P isn't the only one who heard.
- All my Love.
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