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Just spent 4 days with miss pixi and it was a wonderful time. She let go of a lot of her stresses while I was at her place, since she tends to obsess around them, though goodness knows, making her gender transition is like a full time job, socially, medically, even politically.

She was the sexual initiator 4 times. Just like the good old days! It was such a pleasure and relief, as she tends to get too anxious to just enjoy connecting that way. We also went on a romantic thrift store road trip down Providence RI way and had tons of fun shopping for bargains on clothing and vintage housewares. It's a hobby we enjoy sharing so much. Plus she cooked us various incredible meals, including hands down the best fish chowder I have ever had in my life.

In chat, Ginger invited me to come to spend the night at his new cabin/studio. I'd seen it twice before in stages of completion, but he deemed it ready for a guest. I got to his place at 8PM, light still lingering in the early summer sky, and had a shower in his outdoor shower he installs every summer. Both the shower and his cabin are on a rise behind his main house, with 2 sets of stone steps he's built leading up to it amidst maples, oaks and wisteria over the garage.

He showed me around the place, loft bed, kitchen, work areas and even a clever toilet he'd built, hidden in one corner behind a sheet.

Then we retired to the loft where he had Indian chant music playing. Playtime ensued, but wouldn't you know, after about 15 minutes, his back started hurting really bad. Work on the cabin and one of the sets of stone stairs earlier in the week had caught up with him. Darn guy, he has the ideas and enthusiasm of a 30 year old but really is 59 and he just needs to pace himself!

So we decided to just go to sleep, just before 10, and slept well until 5:30. He is an early bird like me. However his back was still quite bad and he couldn't even concentrate on conversation, much less s.e.x. So I went ahead and left by 6:15, grabbing a coffee in his town before driving northward and home. I hope he takes it real easy and recovers soon!
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