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It sounds to me that you would like some of that "mono" focus and being # 1 in someones heart and thoughts while some people are picking around in your skull. And I don't blame you a bit....I would too. My guess is he would to if roles were reversed. However I have a very low tolerance when it come to this ...if I'm taking or having a conversation and you feel the need to answer a text then you don't need to talk to me and we're done. ...simple. Its the same as walking up an interrupting because what they have to say has got to be more important. Whats more important???

Priorities ....getting a haircut and or getting his rocks off with a new chick vs you having brain surgery and health ....I might take a bat to the fucking phone or the fingers using it....just me again low frustration tolerance.

Good luck with your surgery and I hope you have a quick recovery.
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