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It seems that your husband and I are similar and you and my husband are similar. Sex is definitely a stress relief for me; talking about it, feeling sexy, teasing, being teasted, all of these things calm me down when I'm stressed. Runic Wolf shuts down sexually when he's stressed. It is just not on his radar and he gets upset with me when he is stressed and I'm feeling sexual.

I would say that asking someone to stop texting for a whole day is a bit much. I don't sext b/c Wendigo doesn't believe in cell phones and will never own one if he can help it, but we did go through a period where we had sexy chats over instant messanger. If he is able to take a break from testing while you are in appointments, which it sounds like he was, than I would leave it at that.

I agree with SNeacil, that it would be unfair to ask him to refrain from texting while you are in surgery as that would be the time he'd most need to be able to reach out to people. If he was in the ER with you that would be a different thing all together, but I assume he won't be.
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