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I'm hoping myself that I come to the compersion phase with my new relationship. I was feeling really uncomfortable with NRE... really on edge between contact... and if E told me about any dates he'd been on I'd just end up feeling miffed if not downright jealous because we don't see each other much. after telling him about how I was feeling he's made sure to have regular contact with me and it gives me warm fuzzies so I hope that I will end up feeling compersion soon

I'm new at this, too. my lover of many years who is now FWB (although we've been hitting bumps lately and not knowing if we're FWB or lovers or BF/GF) is struggling badly with emotions and communication and I don't know if either of us will feel compersion for the other. I hope we do. I would like to see him fall in love with someone who gives him what I can't. it's made me very sad for years that he has an emptiness that I cannot fill and I hope that he finds someone who can.
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