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Default It's official

Lovely is officially "our" girlfriend.

She and I were talking this evening, we had a very odd conversation. Tonight was the first time either one of us has ever had this type of conversation... about poly in general, if she wants to date the other guy (she doesn't), fluid bonding, safe sex... things that I've never discussed before.

It was a little awkward, but the honesty of it was really refreshing.

She's been reading about poly, learning terms, figuring out where she fits in this whole lifestyle changing decision that we've all made.

We talked about whether or not we want to have this triad, I do, she does, Bear is happy as long as I am happy, so he's cool with it. We decided that we want to explore the possibilities of this relationship.

I feel a little giddy.

Can I squee?

:::clearing throat::: sorry... I'll try to rein in my more girly impulses. Squ-- dammit, that one almost got out.

Seriously though, we don't know what we're going but when have there ever really been rules for how to conduct a relationship. Each one is unique.

Oh, and Bear (who wasn't feeling well) left the room when I started stripping and repainting my nails. Instead of picking up an extension, he decided that Lovely and I needed "girl time." Awwww, how sweet : )

So. There we have it. I am officially in a poly LDR triad. I'm thinking road trip on Monday
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