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We are not "out" publicly at home due to my job. I really enjoy being with my guys outside of our usual roaming grounds because I feel a lot free-er to express my affection for them without worrying that someone I know will see us.

When we are out in other areas I love holding hands with both of my guys as we walk down the street. Or kissing one and then the other at an out-of-town concert. I like going places with them where I can act naturally with them - like I do when I'm at home. MrS and Dude have apparently noted people doing a "double-take" or looking at us in amazement (or disapproval?) - I'm generally enjoying myself too much to take notice.

We are planning our first "shared" week-long vacation next month (we usually stay home - I really like a nice "Porch-View" vacation). Booked a king-size bed for the hotel One weekend we will be staying with one of my best friends who knows the situation. She commented that her guest room only has a double bed so one of us may want to elect for the couch (she's guessing it will be me because I am the smallest and her couch is short ). Don't really know how her husband feels though.

The only part I am still up in the air about is... I plan on seeing my Grandparents (who live in the state we are traveling to) for dinner one night. I'm not sure if I am going to ask if we can bring Dude (as "MrS's friend") or ask him to stay at the hotel that evening. The last time MrS and I vacationed with someone else to their state (a married couple - just friends, not romantically involved) I did not ask if the couple could come to dinner - they did their own thing. I would like for him to meet my grandparents, I don't want for him to be alone, but I don't know if they would think it strange. (If it makes any difference, when I was living with MrS before we were married they would invite us for dinner as a couple and never said one word about the fact that we were "living in sin" - and got quite upset when one of my relatives made what was essentially a snide comment about it - they thought the relative was quite rude to US by making mention of it.)

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