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I have tried to talk to my husband hundreds of times about this, he's having a hard time understanding (I think, or something). He has been talking to a few friends about his unsatiated sex drive and is understanding better that it's not normal, but doesn't put what he's learned into use.

There is one person that I wouldn't mind him having a sexual relationship with. They already have a very close relationship and have expressed the wanting for more. But this person is now out of state and if she were to be a partner for him, she wouldn't satisfy his needs either. She's one of those once a monthers. But she and I get along great and have communicated quite clearly about this before, her wanting my explicit permission before doing anything.

His issue (that I see) is his choice of prospects. He brings home crazy people! I do not like 90% of the women that he finds suitable for this purpose. For example, one woman wants him, but she has a habit of getting pregnant by married men. That's NOT okay in my book, I can't trust her in the slightest. Quite a few have expressed interest with being with both of us. I'm not bi so I'm really not interested, and am bothered and uncomfortable by the pressure. One person kept treating him like a boyfriend (like "come rescue me" when she could have dealt with things herself, because she's too stupid to be independent) when she knew I wanted to kick her teeth (but I'm not violent) in because of disrespecting our family time and his responsibilities (besides some other stupidness on her part). There have been a handful of people that I've figured out are bipolar or worse (not that there is anything wrong with mental illness, just deal with it and take meds, not pretend that everything is okay when it's not). Most of them are needy women who want to suck energy from him, energy that I can't get out of him to take care of his family enough.

He has no crazy-dar. I can see it right away, I tell him, he doesn't believe me, he continues to talk to unsane person, and then I look like the bad guy until the person shows their true colors, way after it's taken a toll on us.

So yeah, super easy to figure out huh? I need a sane, trustworthy nympho that isn't needy and respects our family.
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