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Woah, hang on! Looks like it's time for me to apologize, and there's evidence right there that no matter how hard one tries to be clear, yes, misunderstandings can still happen!

Redpepper, I'm so sorry, I in NO way meant that YOUR words were snarky or sarcastic. I was quoting you because you're absolutely right. This IS a place that has high expectations of working on one's issues rather than ignoring them, and I agree with you that it definitely should be that way! I meant MY questions were snarky/sarcastic. This part:
only supposed to apply to things like shucking off the societal expectations of monogamy, jealousy, etc? We can't apply it to written communication?
I was trying to find a way to write that part so the questions came off as sincere, rather than sarcastic, but I guess I got it all muddled in my head this time! Again, my apologies, I didn't realize there was a way to read it as me thinking YOU were being sarcastic or snarky. Not at all. I don't remember EVER reading a post by you that came off as sarcastic or snarky.

Back to the overall thread, I think I couldn't mentally get around my own sarcastic tone this time because I feel it's rather ridiculous to claim that asking people to work on how they communicate is unreasonable, especially on a relationships forum where we espouse over and over how important communication is! Yes, it's the internet, and yes, we're mostly strangers to each other, but I don't see those as reasons to treat what we say to each other or how we say it as less important.

It's not going to be perfect and misunderstandings will certainly still occur, I just can't understand the people who seem to be against even trying. It doesn't make sense to me.
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