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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
So in redpepper's words, "We make people work on their shit" is only supposed to apply to things like shucking off the societal expectations of monogamy, jealousy, etc? We can't apply it to written communication? I'm trying to find a way to make that seem less snarky/sarcastic, but I'm at a loss. Is it really so unreasonable to ask that people try to think a little more about how their words might be perceived by others? We won't always be successful, of course, but I think the effort of trying and then recognizing when and why we are unsuccessful is important.
Wow you took that as snarky and sarcastic? Where I come from its just an expression that means we all come here to work on stuff going on for us and to be challenged on how we do things. Case in point, I'm being challenged by you ThatGirlInGray. Got it. I will look at how I say things. Especially on threads you are writing on. It sounds like some extra attention to these kinds of details is important to you.

Edit: actually, having read the response you gave about something I wrote about cheating on another thread... Please block my posts ThatGirlInGray. I think its just going to make you feel a lot better as I seem to annoy you no matter what I say. Thanks. Then we can all carry on.
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