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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
I think it's unreasonable to expect people to change the way they post
So in redpepper's words, "We make people work on their shit" is only supposed to apply to things like shucking off the societal expectations of monogamy, jealousy, etc? We can't apply it to written communication? I'm trying to find a way to make that seem less snarky/sarcastic, but I'm at a loss. Is it really so unreasonable to ask that people try to think a little more about how their words might be perceived by others? We won't always be successful, of course, but I think the effort of trying and then recognizing when and why we are unsuccessful is important.
An outright insistence makes it seem like new posters are incapable of handling themselves. Feeling insulted for someone doesn't mean they feel the same way you do.
I think I stated before, just because someone CAN handle something on their own doesn't mean they should HAVE to. Generally people come here for support of some kind, and sometimes my support is given in the thread, sometimes by PM. You could turn your own point around to say that someone capable of handling themselves against someone I see as insulting is also capable of telling me to butt out!
But that's assuming everyone has time to sit down and reread everything they type before hitting submit. It could be perceived that they don't care. Does that mean they don't? Not necessarily. Like I said before, things get misinterpreted all. the. time. It happens. We don't all like the way everyone says things. We also have, and exercise, the option of challenging posts. As long as that is in place anything about a "fuck it" attitude does not go unnoticed or unchecked.
Working backwards, isn't that what we're doing here? Aren't we challenging ideas based on things we've noticed? Or were you only talking about the "report this post" icon?

And yes, I assume that usually someone taking the time to read about and comment on the problems of a stranger can take the extra minute or two after the 10 or whatever they've already put in to double-check what they've written. Not everything it always going to be caught, because we're all human, but to me part of respecting others is putting that time in.
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