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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I do think sex is the perfect example because while knowing if your partner is sexually active with other is important for health reasons, it is also a very private and intimate act for most people, during which they make themselves vulnerable and transparent to their partner(s), and might not want details repeated without prior approval.

I agree with you. If something were to change in my partner's life, I would want to be aware. I wouldn't want to violate anyone's privacy with details but I would want the option of determining if it's something I can live with. To some, sex is sex. To me it is private and intimate. To my partner, it may not be a big deal to add a partner, etc, but to me, it's a paradigm shift that might change things in my heart and mind.

I also agree that confidentiality and privacy should be maintained by all parties. You shouldn't and wouldn't tell your friends and family or coworkers those details about a partner, why should another partner be privy to it? Those private details should be kept separate, unless otherwise agreed upon.
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