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Originally Posted by laughingowl View Post

Now if your vows to your significant other do not preclude other partners, then (arguably) it is not adultery (though perhaps it is also not a marriage, per the bible).
On the contrary, marriage was polygynous at the time both Testaments were written. Even early "Christians" were allowed to be polygynous. Only one verse in a Pauline chapter, mentions a bishop (not all men) should be married to just one woman, so he would have more time for his church duties.


1) it has been re-written how many times, re-translated how many times.... Even presuming the original disciples wrote it down right, how many human errors have crept in when translated... transcribed.... (or straight up re-written to be 'more understandable').
Deuteronomy retells earlier books with a contemporary spin, contradicting them many times. Jesus' "disciples" did not write the Bible. (All the books in the New Testament are pseudeponymous.) Paul only wrote some of the books attributed to him, as letters addressed to certain groups. Politicians wrote the rest.

2) Since most of the ones mentioned here are from Leviticus isn't all of Leviticus dealing with "Any Israelite or any alien living in Israel', nothing about not going to heaven if you do any of those, just bad luck if you are an Israelite or live in Israel. (see how wonderful translations can be)
Ancient Judaism did not have the concept of an afterlife. That was a concept borrowed from Persian religion.
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