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For example, why is it that M feels like she has nothing to do when A spends time with you?
i think it is mostly because they only have one computer. Also, they are both quite anti-social outside their relationship and don't have friends in the area. They have mostly been one person for five years before i stepped in... It is cute, really, when it doesn't affect my relationships!

i think one part is also A not being very... independent. She doesn't cook for herself so even on my days M has to come back to cook for her, basically. M does all the financial things (being the only one working in the house) and i think that she might be very stressed too, partly because of financial things/ work, partly because of not knowing what to do with this time thing. i think it has been the only reason we have had fights in the past half a year...

Also, A has said that she prefers not having days for herself. i think she doesn't really know how to be on her own. She has lots of issues from the past i don't know and quite a few that i know about. It is a big mess that i hope we will go through more when i actually live over there. So yeah, that isn't the problem. i will think of the two days -thing though. To be honest, i do miss some family time, it has been quite limited lately because both M and me have been very grabby with our days

Thank you very much. i will talk about this when we have all calmed down a little - this really has been stressing to everyone of us.
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