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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
That's subjective. I haven't seen every newb come here and then leave because they feel insulted; might apply to some, doesn't apply to all. It has happened, for sure, but I've also been witness to people being appreciative about a bare-bones approach, even with stinging words involved.
Not sure what the point is here? Of course it doesn't happen every time. I wouldn't even say it happens most times. I think the current discussion is centered on what to do when it DOES happen (because it definitely happens!). Do we ignore it? Say something? Is it worth posters trying to make their posts less caustic? Or is it reasonable to say that this is the internet, posters old and new get what they get and if they don't like it, tough?
And there is tone in text. Books are full of tone in text. Posts on a forum on the Internet are no different. No matter how you word something there will always be one other person who misinterprets what you're trying to get across. Period. Online and offline.
Okay, I will clarify. GOOD writers can often get an accurate tone across in text. Many, MANY posters on internet forums (this and others) are not good enough writers to accurately portray their intended tone in text. So again, the question as I see it is: How much do we each care about how our posts are perceived/received? Is it worth trying to be more careful about language or is a "Fuck it" attitude acceptable?
I won't debate the coddling thing, because I've seen it. Just like I've seen that last example.
Debate...what? That it's not effective? Or that it happens? Of course it happens, I don't believe anyone ever said otherwise, so again I'm not sure what your point was.
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